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Rosie's Canteen


Rosie’s Canteen Menu

In addition to preparing lunch orders purchased via Flexischools for students and teachers, the canteen is open during recess and lunch for the sale of drinks and food items.

The canteen is run by our paid supervisor, Hilla and backed up by the canteen committee members and the many volunteers that go on a roster to help out during the day. Without a team of committed volunteers we would be unable to offer the service that we do. It is a great place to volunteer and meet many of the other school parents and friends. Children love seeing Mum or Dad during school time.

Calling for Volunteers: Click Here

Rosie’s canteen loves having new volunteers. Please consider volunteering if you:

  • Want to support the school community

  • Say ‘hi’ to your child(ren)

  • Meet some wonderful parents

  • Do something a little different with your day

You can even organise a catch-up day with some of your friends and select a day you are all available.

Most parents volunteer one day per term to work in the canteen – some do two or more days. We will accept whatever you are able to offer.


The Canteen email address is


How to Order:

Start by signing up to flexischools HERE, Then you will be able to order food via the Felxischools app. See the FAQ above if you have any questions.

Sample food items

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