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Artwork By Izayah Moradi 6 Blue

Keeping our kids Safe !

Homezone: Register, Volunteer, Use...

Homezone is a joint P&C and School program that aims to improve the safety of school drop off and pick up as well as improve the traffic flows around the school for our neighbors and community.

By registering to use Homezone, you must also volunteer to staff Homezone. It's a program run with the users volunteering. The sign up link above will send you to an email to the Homezone coordinator who will facilitate your inclusion in the program and your volunteering dates.

Of course, if you choose not to use Homezone then there is no requirement to volunteer, but we ask that you be respectful of our community and park only in legal parking places around the school.

Homezone route


Important notes

No Pickup Before the Bell.

Don't arrive early and wait in the Homezone, this causes the flow of traffic to back up onto the main road (Archbold Rd), if you are early either find a legal park and walk in or do a lap of the block and return to Homezone.


Do not do a U-Turn or reversal turn (using a driveway) on Duntroon, THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. A large percentage of kids from the school walk to school and we need to keep them safe as well. Use the route planner above to make your way back onto Archbold Rd heading North or South using the Traffic lights on Addison Ave.

Display Family Name for Pickup

Display your Family name on the Passenger Sunvisor in your car, this will allow the volunteers (you will be one too) to efficiently call your kids to your car.

Be Kind and respectful

We all know school drop off and pick up can be stressful, please be kind and respectful to the other families and the volunteers (you will be one too). Always Obey the road rules.

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